Imagine gang members, drug dealers, racists and sex offenders being transformed by the Gospel.

Imagine politicians, judges and other influential leaders taking stands based on the Word of God. Imagine hundreds and even thousands of people being saved in a single church service! Imagine the unimaginable. It all happened in the pages of Acts, and it can happen again if you are willing to pray the price.

Beginning June 9th we will take a prayer journey equipping us for the Holy Spirit to work dramatically in our community just as the Spirit did following Pentecost.

4 Steps to the Acts 20 Prayer Challenge

  • Get your Acts 29 prayer book in worship on June 9th. Each day spend time reading and praying through it. You may also get a copy from the church office. The cost is $10.00.
  • Attend worship each Sunday. Join us each Sunday as we pray and focus on the book of Acts.
  • Join an Acts 29 Mid-week House meeting. We are offering house meetings through the surrounding areas for you to gather in study and prayer. They will meet at different times and days so you can find one that works with our schedule. You can sign up below.
  • Sigh up for daily text reminders to help focus your prayer time. (Text @fwbfumc to 81010)