Life Group Bible Studies Information and Registration

Sunday Morning Life Group Bible Studies



This class teaches Biblical principles that can practically apply to our busy 21st-century lives. Location: Building “C” room 206. Ages 20’s to 40’s.


That The World May Know

This class studies the Bible in light of present-day, current life issues such as family, stress, time and money. Location: Building “A” Music Suite. Adults of all ages are welcome.



Principally a lecture format, this class uses many different curriculums from contemporary authors. Location: Building “B” room 112. Ages 50+


Hearts, Minds & Spirit

Book by book, this class uses their time together each week to cover a passage of scripture. They enjoy the results and revelation through conversation each week. Location: Building “B” room 110. Ages 40+


Faith Followers

This is a lecture and discussion-based group that often focuses on contemporary life issues that Christians face on a daily basis. This class is currently studying “Spiritual Warfare: Terms of Engagement” by David Jeremiah. Location: Building “A” room 102. Ages 50+



This class is studying the International Bible Lesson Series. This material leads the adult learner to a deeper knowledge of Biblical truths through a detailed exposition. Location: Building “C” room 123. Ages 50+


The Malcolm Hayles Class

This class invites all to study with them using the International Bible Study Plan. This class meets in the Founders Chapel. Location: Building “A” Chapel. Ages 60+

Mid-Week Life Groups

Men’s Life Groups

The Foundations by Jeff Voth

    • In order to engage in the battles that will assault, you must have a game plan. Without a strategy, you are a walking target. Without a strategy, you are simply shooting in the dark. The Five Stones of Cavetime are the foundations needed to develop your spiritual rhythm. In this series, Cavetime Founder, Jeff Voth, will break down what he calls “The Rhythm of the Cave.” As a man, it is critical for you to understand the importance of a spiritually disciplined life and a life of kingdom order. You can live this discipline and order through, The Stones.
  • Thursdays at 6:00PM in room C123


Women’s Life Groups

The epistle to the church in Philippi.

  • This is a verse by verse journey through the letter to the book of Hebrews.
  • Wednesday’s at 9:30AM in room B110/Parlor.


Messy Life Young Adult Life Group

  • Messy Life is a life group Bible study for young adults, married or single, that meet together once a week to share life and grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  • 6:00PM in room B110/Parlor.
  • Contact Gillian at for more information.


Fellowship Dinner Life Group

This class will resume in August.

Connect with a Life Group

*Nursery can be provided to any Bible study that is in need. Please check the box on the registration above to let us know.


*Wednesday night studies: Nursery provided (Infant to Pre-K).


*For more information concerning our studies, or if you have any questions, please contact James Whited at or (850) 243-9292.