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Please note that many of the activities and ministries on the calendar below have been cancelled until further notice. For information on the status of an activity or ministry, please contact the main office at (850) 243-9292.


Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM till 4:00PM.

Birthday’s and Anniversaries

September Birthdays

1–    Maggie Courtney

2–   Charlene Allison, Tilda Brewer, Hilda Williams

3–   Neil Haars, Jack Trossbach

5–   Isaac & Oliver Brisolara, Evan Haley

7–   Rachael Birlingmair

9–   Mary Heavner, Ashley Pratt, Susan Weston

10– Joyce Landingham, Sophia Tryon, Tanner Tryon

14– Kiley Brantley

15– Laurel Duggan, Becky Edge

19– Suann Thrall

20– Jeannie Aylsworth, Gary Hunter, Rev. Dave McAlister, Dick Nieber, Victoria Teran

21– Mike McAlister

22– Bower Anderson, Patsy Hunter, Xander Wheat

23– Matt McGee

24- Sadie Lea, Peggy Purdy, Delores Wernet

26– George Aylsworth, Michael Barkalow, Billy Jo Holloway

28– Jeffie Hage, Bob Whitney Jr.

September Anniversaries

1-   George and Jeannie Aylsworth

2-   Jim and Carolyn Parish, Hunter and Jamie Lee Grimes

6-   Duane and Aurine Barber

7-   Earl and Lizz Stanley

9-   Stacy and Nikki Lea

14– Scott and Darlene Todd

24– Chris and Stephanie Krol