Mid-Week Bible Studies

The Life We Long To Live

What is the good life? What is the life we long to live?


This is an interactive online Bible study Starting Wednesday, September 16th. Teacher – Chris Krol


Join Pastor Tom Nelson in this compelling six-session series as you begin to ask some of the most important questions in life and see how Christ’s sacrifice on the cross impacts every aspect of your life.


Even if we have never given these questions much sustained thought, we are answering it every day of our lives. The things that fill our attention, drain our checkbooks, and consume our time, answer what we think the good life is. And if we are candid, we know that the things we hope will give us life, the things that get our time, our money, our passion, ultimately do not give us the life we long for. Even if everything we hope for becomes reality, there is always something missing. There is a gap between the life we long for and the life we live.

Sunday School

Week One – Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels

Sunday, August 30th Sunday school lesson on How to Live a 3D Life. To view the handout CLICK HERE.

Week Two – My Story

Sunday, September 6th Sunday School lesson on How to Tell My Story. To view the handout CLICK HERE