Grow, Pray, Study (GPS) is a weekly devotion based on the previous Sunday morning sermon. We invite you to reflect on these questions, pray for wisdom and understanding, then study the scriptures that coincide with it.


  • When have you benefited from someone’s generosity?
  • When have you been generous?
  • How is God calling you to be generous now?


God of salvation, we are reminded of the myriad of ways you have strengthened and supported us. In the midst of challenge and promise, you reach for us. You create a new heaven and a new earth and call us to participate in the renewing of hearts and minds. Be with us and those we love. Be with your beloved whose fear prevails over your comfort, and bring us through this time to the dawning of a new day. Amen.


Throughout our Generation to Generation campaign we are going to being reading in the book of Psalms.

  • Monday: Psalm 37
  • Tuesday: Psalm 38
  • Wednesday: Psalm 39
  • Thursday: Psalm 40
  • Friday: Psalm 41
  • Saturday: Psalm 42