Grow, Pray, Study (GPS) is a weekly devotion based on the previous Sunday morning sermon. We invite you to reflect on these questions, pray for wisdom and understanding, then study the scriptures that coincide with it.


  • What in our world do you think breaks God’s heart?
  • Where do you see God working in the world?
  • Where is God sending you to be part of God’s mission?


New every morning are your mercies, dear God. Make me as merciful to others as you have been to me. Strengthen me in faith so that I may trust in you with my whole heart. If any trouble overtakes me today, help me to wait and to hope in you. May the Holy Spirit help me as I both guard and give away to others the treasure of Jesus Christ, my Savior. Amen.


Throughout our Generation to Generation campaign we are going to being reading in the book of Psalms.

  • Monday: Psalm 7
  • Tuesday: Psalm 8
  • Wednesday: Psalm 9
  • Thursday: Psalm 10
  • Friday: Psalm 11
  • Saturday: Psalm 12