Grow, Pray, Study (GPS) is a weekly devotion based on the previous Sunday morning sermon. We invite you to reflect on these questions, pray for wisdom and understanding, then study the scriptures that coincide with it.


  • When have you felt blessed?
  • When have you felt cursed?
  • Does our scripture today contradict those feelings at all?


Gracious God, thank you for the gift of this new week. Guide my steps as I face easy and difficult choices, to show compassion toward others or not, to care for myself or not, to be true to Christ or not. May each of my choices draw me closer to you. Amen.


During our Life that Matters series we are going to read through several of the letters in the New Testament.

  • Monday: 1 Timothy 3
  • Tuesday:   1 Timothy 4
  • Wednesday: 1 Timothy 5
  • Thursday: 1 Timothy 6
  • Friday: 2 Timothy 1
  • Saturday: 2 Timothy 2