Prayer Opportunities

  • Between the Sanctuary and the Chapel is a card on which you may write out special prayer needs for yourself, your family or friends, etc. Please place your prayer concern in the prayer box, or hand it to an usher each Sunday.
  • Each Sunday morning our worship bulletins have a “Connect Card” insert which also has a place for you to list any prayer concerns.
  • Our Sunday bulletins are updated with latest known information concerning our church families prayer concerns. To access this list of concerns CLICK HERE to download our Sunday bulletin.
  • There is a Wednesday Morning Prayer Group that meets weekly at 7:30AM in the Chapel to pray for all of the concerns of the church. Following the prayer time the group goes to breakfast for some social time.

Generations Prayer Ministry

We want to encourage prayer flowing between the generations.

Prayer Suggestions

Pray that God will create a hunger in the child’s heart for Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God’s will.

Adults praying for children / youth:
  • Pray that God will help the child understand how much God loves them.
  • Pray that God will guide the child in his/her choice of friends.
  • Pray for the parents to have wisdom in training up the child in the way he / she should go.
  • Thank God for His shield of protection around him / her.
  • Pray for them to follow God’s will.
Children / Youth praying for adults:
  • Pray for their family.
  • Pray for their work.
  • Pray for their health.
  • Thank God for protecting them.


  • Follow up with your prayer partner throughout the year to stay up to date with prayer requests/needs.
  • You are asked to pray for your person on a regular basis.
  • If you are an adult praying for a child / youth and would like more information, please contact the church office.
  For more information, contact James Whited through the church office at 243-9292.